Curriculum Vitae


MA in Media Arts  University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2017

BM in Music Technology Wayne State University, Detroit, Magna Cum Laude, 2012


Selected Works Solo
       Fanfare and Procession
               Participatory Fluxus style aleatoric composition using bespoke tone generators.
                My arrangement of the Alvin Lucier piece that explores space, sound and perception.


Multi-channel spatial audio lobby installation at the Power Center, Ann Arbor for the University Musical Society.


Multi-Modal sound and projection work involving a water based interface.

Towards Catharsis

A musical and video work using motion tracking to effect the algorithmic composition.

Cocktail Party

An augmented audio reality using the inertial tracking unit of an iPhone.


Copyright 2013 Self released collection of electronic and electroacoustic compositions.


Prelude to a Collision

An electro­acoustic composition for Saxophone, Digital Effects and Pre­recorded Accompaniment. Debut Wayne State University, Schaver Recital Hall.

Selected Works in Collaboration with Apetechnology

Shadows of Slendrotron: The Monkey God’s Great Leap

Robotic Shadow Puppet play for Electricity 2017, located at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Adapted the Libretto, composed the soundtrack, built and programmed animatronics, control system integration, fabricated fixtures, Technical Director, Grant Management, Liaison, put out fire after fire after fire.  Full video will be available after the Festival, September 22, 23  2017.

Old Man Winter 2015

College for Creative Studies Circle Drive, Noel Night, Detroit
A forty foot tall robot with programmable movement, light displays and sound. Programmed the motor controls and lights using Arduino IDE.

Slendrotron 2015

Strange Beautiful Music Festival, Orchestra Hall, Detroit
A Javanese Gamelan inspired robotic percussion orchestra executing a generating algorithmic composition in Pure Data. Responsibilities included fabrication of the instruments, including a tuned metallophone from first principles, and design of the algorithm.

MechanoShards 2014

Dlectricity Festival, Detroit
A large installation piece, computer controlled with sound, mechanical movement and LED pixel lighting. Primary responsibility was Python/Arduino/Teensy programming of the installation and design of the control system.

InflatoAngels 2014

Pyrotopia, Pittsburgh PA
Various Locations, Detroit MI
A traveling show of twenty foot tall inflated, LED lit teleoperated robots.

Triptych 2013

Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford Ontario
A musical and video composition including audio samples, mechanically actuated strikers on industrial barrels and a deconstructed piano. Responsible for composition and for integration of music, mechanics and video using Ableton Live and Modul8 video software.

Vision in a Cornfield 2012

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Detroit
Large scale installation in collaboration with art collective Ogun and Carey Loren of Destroy All Monsters. Responsibilities were the mechanical animation of four salvaged automobiles and design of the control software including two hours of randomized sound samples and audience triggering via optical sensors. MaxMSP/Maxuino/Arduino.

I See You 2012

Dlectricity Festival, Detroit.
Large scale mobile robots with cylindrical rear ­projection screens. Primary responsibilities were metal fabrication of the robots and frames, and constant performance during the two day festival.


Audio Engineering

Experienced in:

  • Digital Mixing Consoles
    • Behringer X32
    • Roland M5000
    • Avid c24
  • Audinate Dante Audio Networking System
    • Level 1 Certified
    • Dante Network Control
    • Dante Virtual Soundcard
  • Various Digital Audio Workstations such as Reaper, ProTools, Logic, Abelton.
  • Sound Design
  • Live and Studio Recording

Carr Center Detroit Summer 2016

Technical Director and Live Sound Engineer for Carr Center’s ‘Summer In the Park’ series.

New Music Detroit 2013­-present

  • Serve various support roles for the live performances of a new music chamber ensemble.
  • Stage management, talent wrangler
  • Technical stage management
  • Sound reinforcement
  • Live recording, video recording
  • Design of performance software
  • Liaison to venue owners and various unions

Wolf Eyes: I Am A Problem/Mind In Pieces 2015

Engineer for the final mixdown of the album. Released on Third Man Records in October.  Currently engineering/producing the next album for release early this year.

Other Music

Saxophone Studies

Dr. Jeffery Heisler
Wayne State University, 2010-­2012 Senior Performance Recital, 2012

Trent Kynaston
Western Michigan University, 1993­-1995

Dry Bones; Working popular music and jazz group, 2003­-2006

Student Volunteer,
New Interfaces for Musical Expression Conference, 2012, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

University Teaching Experience
Professor, Wayne State University School of Music, Music Technology Dept.
  • Classes taught: 
    • Introduction to Music Technology
    • Electronic Music Ensemble
    • Theories of Electronic Music
    • Sound Design
    • Electroacoustic Music
Metal Shop Technician, Department of Academic Facilities, College for Creative Studies, Jan 2018-Current
  • Maintain all tools and machinery for a working metalshop
  • Provide training to faculty in specific processes in preparation for coursework.
  • Aid students working outside of class in project ideation and process design.
Graduate Student Instructor, Collaborations in Performance and Technology, Department of Performing Arts Technology, University of Michigan, Sep 2016-May 2017
  • Lead Classroom discussion and critique sessions for a unique interdisciplinary collaboration class.  Help students to find language to bridge the disciplines.
  • Give both aesthetic and technical advice on the creation of multi-modal art works and performances.
  • Devise and document a training system for a highly complex (16 speaker) spatialized audio environment.
  • Lead collaborative groups in refining the project for a final showcase.
Performing Arts Technology Graduate Student Research Assistant, Department of Performing Arts Technology, University of Michigan, Sep. 2015­-2016
  • Maintain weekly office hours/lab sessions focusing on Microcontroller programming, simple Tangible Human Computer Interface design, simple electronic circuits, MaxMSP programming.
  • Gave occasional lectures and presentations to the Interactive Media Design Class regarding Microcontroller programming, Simple State Machine design and Build Studio Best Practices.
  • Organized the 2016 U. of M. Performing Arts Technology Showcase.
Student Assistant, Department of Music, Wayne State University Winter 2012 Music History 1350 History of American Popular Music
  • Led weekly online discussion groups of around twenty students, graded student participation.
  • Evaluated overall student performance; quality and participation.
  • Graded student long essays, dealt with plagiarism issues.
Student Director, Department of Music, Wayne State University Electronic Music Ensemble Fall/Winter 2011
  •  Led weekly ensemble rehearsal.
  • Facilitated the collaborative composition of electronic music works for the end of semester performance.
Honors, Awards, Scholarships
  • Magna Cum Laude, Wayne State University
  • Member,Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society, elected in April of 2012
  • Music Technology Student of the Year award for 2011­-2012, Wayne State University
  • Recipient,Evangeline L. Dumesnil Award for Music Scholarship, Wayne State University, 2011
  • Graduate Student Research Assistant, Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan
  • 2014 Knight Arts Challenge Grant recipient
  • 2020 Creators of Culture Grant recipient
  • 2020 Panelist for Kresge Foundation’s Detroit Arts Fellowship awards 

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