With Apetechnology

I have been in a collective of artists called Apetechnology since 2010. We have executed a variety of performances focusing around Robotics, Algorithm and the Machine Aesthetic.

Vision in a Cornfield was a large installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. We collaborated with members of the venerable Detroit collectives Ogun and Destroy All Monsters. I was deeply involved with the fabrication of the modified cars, as well as control and power wiring. I was sole author of the controlling algorithm which coordinated all sound, motion and light in the installation.

Performance from a festival in Brooklyn, NY.
Performance at Spread Art
Robotic Shadow Puppet play for Electricity 2017, located at the Detroit Institute of Arts.  Adapted the Libretto, composed the soundtrack, built and programmed animatronics, control system integration, fabricated fixtures, Technical Director, Grant Management, Liaison, put out fire after fire after fire.